Transportation Master Plan

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Project Overview

Windsor’s growing economic base, location, and high quality of life have attracted a substantial amount of residential and commercial development over recent years. This growth has resulted in changes in transportation needs and a desire to ensure short-term action and a long-term vision for transportation. During the Summer of 2019, Windsor's staff worked with a team of transportation consultants to research and collect input from residents and business owners to help develop a master plan that will serve as a guiding document for the future of transportation throughout the Town of Windsor.  

The goal is to develop a framework for a balanced multi-modal transportation network addressing the Windsor’s transportation needs and opportunities, building upon Windsor’s existing transportation system.

Windsor’s Transportation Master Plan will:

  • Form a vision for multi-modal transportation in the long-term
  • Identify implementable, high priority action items for the short-term
  • Build off the 2017 Roadway Improvement Plan
  • Supplement the Roadway improvement Plan with multi-modal analysis and recommendations
  • Designate a connected, efficient, and comfortable network for bicycling, walking and vehicles
  • Prioritize certain modes in corridors where all modes may not be viable.

Related Documents

There are several documents that have already provided information valuable to the Master Planning process including:

Related Projects

The Town of Windsor has several projects related to the Transportation Master Plan that are currently in development: 

  • Designing 7th St. & Main St. intersection improvements, including striping and minor widening that will improve northbound traffic flow. Expected project completion in 2019.
  • Improving traffic flow and mitigating safety concerns at 7th St. & New Liberty Rd. by constructing a roundabout. Expected project completion in 2019. 
  • Improving traffic flow and mitigating safety concerns at Weld Cty. Rd. 13 & New Liberty Rd. by constructing a roundabout. Expected project completion in 2019. 
  • Preliminary Design for the potential extension of Crossroads Blvd. from State Hwy. 257 to Weld Cty. Rd. 23. Expected completion of design in 2019.
  • Designing improvements for the intersection at State Hwy. 257 and Eastman Park Dr. Expected project completion in 2020. 
  • Designing widening improvements of State Hwy. 392 at Larimer Cty. Rd. 5. Expected completion of design in 2019. 

Please contact the project consultant with questions or feedback: Carly Sieff, Project Manager (Consultant) E-mail: 

Phase I
Phase II Public Input November through December
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Plan Review in January 2020
Plan Adoption in March 202