Citizen Survey

The Pulse

This past summer residents were given an opportunity to share their thoughts on town services and quality of life through the National Citizen Survey.

“Surveys are incredibly important, so we can hear from our residents,” said Assistant to the Town Manager Kelly Houghteling. “It helps us find out what resident needs are and align what residents provide with goals for the future.”
The town had a 34 percent response rate, which is higher than the national average. Scores were tabulated and then compared with national benchmarks, as well as previous town survey data to examine trends over time.
“Windsor has ranked very highly over the last several years,” Houghteling said. “We want to make sure that we continue to maintain those high performing categories as we move into the future, while at the same time moving the needle on those areas that need improvement.”


What’s next?

Town Board will embark on a new Strategic Plan later this year, and will use your feedback to shape initiatives and the budget.

* Statistics compiled from the 2017 Citizen Survey in which community members provided positive rankings (excellent/good).

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