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Windsor Police Collaborate with Community on Safety

Windsor Police continues to maintain consistently high rankings from the community, with safety scores in the 90th percentile.

“Feedback has been very consistent,” said Chief of Police Richard Klimek. “Residents feel secure that they’re going to be safe when they’re out and about.”

The challenge for Windsor Police will be maintaining safety as the town continues to grow.

“With the added growth and the stretching of our resources, we have to be creative and continue to look at what is changing in front of us to meet those needs,” Klimek said.

The Police Department made several changes in an effort to focus on safety in 2017, with more to come in 2018.

“We started a School Resource Officer position to work directly with the schools and a Community Engagement Team, a group of officers working on special assignments that will be more of an outreach arm for the department,” Klimek said.

“Moving into 2018, we look to hire a Community Service Officer (CSO) that will work in conjunction with the Traffic Unit we’ll be starting. The CSO and a new Traffic Sergeant will focus on traffic problems.”

While these changes are much needed, according to Klimek, the key to maintaining safety is a strong partnership with the community.

“Staying safe is a matter of collaboration. How do you do that? We maintain a trusting and collaborative relationship with our community,” Klimek said. “A police department cannot work without the respect and permission of the public.

“On the side of our cars it says, ‘To Serve and Protect,’ but actually we serve with the community. We try to make sure the community is a part of what we do; that we don’t police the community, we police with the community.”


Chief of Police Richard Klimek looks to make safety a priority by engaging the Windsor Police Department with the community.


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